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Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence
Working 24x7 to find, predict and alert the most dangerous threats in the cyber world.
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Nucleon's Solutions

Nucleon has a unique and innovative approach to detecting and predicting cyber attacks.
Our threat intelligence allows organisations to block attacks before they happen.

Specifically Designed Intelligence

We provide a specifically designed intelligence service, for various critical infrastructures.

Empowering Existing Defenses

We supply additional intelligence feeds to empower your existing defenses.

Most relevant to you

We filter our data to what is most relevant to you.

Unique Methodology

Using innovative tools Nucleon is the next generation of collecting and analyzing cyber threats. Nucleon constantly monitors attacks coming from professional hackers, governments and other highly skilled professionals that might cause significant damage to networks. By alerting about the source of these attacks Nucleon enables you to block the attacks before they get into your networks.

Artificial Intelligence

Nucleon sensors are spread all over the world and are completely autonomous in detecting attacks and analyzing them. The data is stored in multiple databases and cross referenced in several different ways, allowing to find hidden connections and links between attackers and attacks.

Nucleon is the next generation of collecting, analyzing and distributing actionable focused cyber security intelligence.

Innovative Technology

Using patent pending technology, Nucleon's innovative technology is able to:

  • Collect data autonomously using innovative sensor networks.
  • Analyze the data, learn and identify new unknown threats.
  • Prioritize threats and build live threats table.
  • Actively monitoring hundreds of botnets
  • Alert about DDoS attacks and predict its impact.


Nucleon can work passively or can easily be integrated with other security products.

  • Graphical web based dashboard.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Well documented API
  • All data is saved and stored locally.
  • All communication is secured and encrypted
  • Near real time alerts.
  • Wide native support and integration with Firewalls and SIEMs.


Botnet Monitor

The Most Comprehensive Botnet Solution
Botty monitors, records and analyses the activities and attacks of botnets.

Know your enemy

Botnets are composed of dozens to millions of bots and can create immense damage when they attack. Using patent pending technology, Botty is constantly collecting and analyzing active botnets.

Botty is able to alert in near real time about targeted attacks and activate protective measures against the attacks.

Innovative approach

Botty’s innovative approach, stealthily monitors botnets and constantly discovers new botnets. All botnets’ data is stored in advanced databases and is analyzed using machine learning in order to find patterns and to learn about hidden data connections .

Botnets Intelligence

Using innovative technology botty is able to correlate data from different networks and find hidden relationships between the botnets, attackers and attackees.

Each botnet is classified according to its activity level and attacks impact.

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Nucleon Ltd. is an information security research company, founded by an experienced team of security professionals.

We have developed a highly flexible system which enables us to monitor and predict attacks around the Internet. The system identifies the potential threat and issues warnings/alerts automatically.