Cyber Intelligence for MSP

Deliver cyber intelligence proactive services
with Nucleon AI powered intelligence.

Nucleon provides a web 3.0 based cyber intelligence feeds and platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, designed specifically for managed service providers. The platform is being used by MSPs worldwide. and enables services provides and security services providers to provide thier clients with the best of breed plug and play cyber intelligence appliance.

Break the equation – rely on digital labor to scale

Increase margins and efficiency - with digital labor there’s no limit to your scaling! If you dealt with cyber intelligence you already aware to the vast amount of resources you have to put in it in order to have it useful, Using Nucleon A.I replaces human labor and enable MSP/MSSPs to have reliable cyber intelligence service they can count on with minimum efforts.


Scale your business with existing human capital


Increase your margins


SLA improvement


No vacation / sick days / lunch breaks / mood swings


Support multiple customers from a single server or cloud

No False Positives

Have the confidence to automate cyber intelligence

Day One

To start consuming cyber intelligence quickly.

Everything needed

Graphical web based dashboard, to visualise data.


Rapid time-to-deployment


Wide native support and integration with Firewalls and SIEMs.

Additional benefits for MSPs

Volume discount for bulk of licenses

Nucleon Intelligence Academy – certificate training

OEM/White labeling available

Partner enablement tools & POC support

Cyber Intelligence -as-a-Service (CaaS)

Cyber Threat Intelligence framework

Nucleon’s AI journey

Nucleon is using the latest technologies for AI and ML. Nucleon developed its own data awareness algorithms which is known as Brain , Nucleon autonomous brain who is able to process, analyze and learn about threats with minimal human intervention.

The advanced technologies and innovation of Nucleon allows our MSP and MSSP partners to stay ahead of competition and realise the full power of proactive security using cyber intelligence, embracing the Future of Work, today.

High value cyber intelligence use cases

Automate blocking threats

Automate threats collection and analysis

Simplify integration

URLs browsing monitoring

mail gateways proactive blocking

cyber attacks predictions

Centralised control for thousands of devices

Handle security incidents remotely

Local and cloud monitoring

simple installation process